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Legisana is a consulting agency specializing in dietary supplements, cosmetics and medical devices.

Gilles Gernaey

Expert in food supplements, Food Supplement Designer

I'm a pharmacist, and even if I didn't live in Roman times... despite everything, a bit like Obelix who fell into the potion as a child, I was lucky enough to discover the world of food supplements in 1998, i.e. before they were born... before our European authorities decided to define them (Dir 2002/46) and call them "food supplements". At the time, as head of a production laboratory, I was already helping our customers formulate their products (mixtures of vitamins, minerals, plants and other substances....). But when you say "formulation", you also say "regulatory", because... what's the point of having a beautiful formulation if you can't market it in the country you've chosen... From the very start of my career, I was very quickly aware of the importance of mastering the regulatory aspects of food supplements. For over 25 years, I've been passionate about this field, about this important and "complementary" way of taking care of one's Health Capital. If you'd like to talk to someone who's passionate about his work... don't hesitate to contact me!

Stephane Charlier
Operations Manager,


Legisana asked me to join the team at a time when it was expanding its activities. The "guardian of the temple" according to some, the "alpha male" according to others, in this world of scientific experts, it's not always easy to position yourself as a company that works in a fast-developing entrepreneurial world. At Legisana, I make sure we're as professional and relevant as possible for our customers. I'm making sure that tomorrow Legisana will be the number 1 partner for European regulation of food supplements and other wellness products.

Anne Leclercq

Expert in dietary supplements

Having worked as a dispensary pharmacist for over 25 years in Belgium and France, I had the opportunity to change direction while remaining in the healthcare field. I joined the Legisana team in 2022, where I discovered the hidden face of dietary supplements from a more intrusive angle, that of regulation. My many years of experience in the dispensary, combining purchasing and consulting, give me a thorough understanding of market trends, which I can pass on to our customers. What's more, thanks to the many training courses I've attended, I'm now in a position to make the link between relevant pharmacy advice and the rigorous regulations governing the communication of dietary supplements. Thanks to this experience, I'm happy to be able to pass it on to our customers, optimizing their communication across all their media.

Morgane Van de Stadt

Expert in cosmetics and medical device regulations, copywriter

I graduated as a pharmacist in 2010, summa cum laude. I always worked hard, both during my studies and afterwards: one thing was clear, I wanted to be a pharmacist! The retail pharmacy I practiced for 6 years as an owner was never an end in itself. What I wanted was to be a consultant for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry. In 2015, I launched myself as a freelancer. Since then, I've given a number of scientific training courses, written a great deal of content and learned about cosmetics and medical device regulations in the various assignments I've been entrusted with. As an enthusiast of essential oils in both private and professional settings, I'm pretty good at juggling both their virtues and the regulations governing them. I've been working with Gilles at Legisana since 2020, where I've been able to deepen my skills and acquire new ones. Don't hesitate to contact me, I'm here to help!

They trust us


Ecoidées is a company responsible for marketing food supplements, particularly Ayurvedic ones, and we have often needed advice from the experts at Legisana.
Legisana provides us with an excellent quality of service, is responsive to our sometimes complex questions, and their advice has enabled us to move forward with the marketing of our products in complete safety.
Our partnership with Legisana is a long-term one, and one that we feel is essential today.

We’ve been working with Legisana for several years now. It’s a partner you can trust, with a clear approach and expertise in various fields. When it comes to legislation and regulations, they are irreproachable experts with in-depth knowledge and expertise. Complex issues, projects or legislation are explained in a human way and in human language, so you can get on with the job straight away. The team is flexible, extremely reliable, proactive, friendly and professional. Legisana remains a solid and trusted partner!


We have been working with this company for several years and have always been very satisfied with their service. Legisana is a human, friendly and flexible company, which is very important to us and creates a pleasant, relaxed working atmosphere. Their teams are always ready to listen to our needs and to provide appropriate solutions and advice. We’re delighted to be working with Legisana, and know that we can always count on them to provide us with quality service.

Equi Nutri

We’ve been using Legisana’s services for several years now, and can count on their professionalism and responsiveness.
Légisana is a company on a human scale that listens to its customers: kindness and flexibility are also values we value highly.
We wholeheartedly recommend the services provided by this dynamic and serious team.

Equi Nutri

I’ve been a satisfied customer of Légisana for some time now, and I can say with conviction that their service is truly excellent. From the very first contact, I knew I was dealing with a team of professionals who take their work seriously and are committed to meeting my needs.
Legisana has proven time and again that it not only possesses in-depth knowledge, but also the ability to present this knowledge in a clear and comprehensible manner. This was very useful for me, as I was often confronted with complex questions that required in-depth explanations.
What I also really appreciate is their reliability and adherence to deadlines. With Légisana, I know I’ll receive the documents and information I need on time and accurately. It has helped me enormously to run my business smoothly and efficiently.
I would also like to emphasize that Legisana’s customer service is extremely friendly, patient and attentive. They are always ready to answer my questions and guide me every step of the way.


We’ve been working with Légisana for many years on all the regulatory aspects of our dietary supplements business.
Professional, responsive and rigorous, we also particularly appreciate the human and friendly side of our relationship with Gilles and Catherine, with whom it’s always a pleasure to talk, and who know how to be there whenever we need them.
We’re totally satisfied and can’t recommend them enough!


We’re delighted to have had the opportunity to work with Legisana. Their professionalism and rigor in their field are undeniable. They were able to meet our needs with unquestionable expertise, while maintaining a level of service that reflected their human and friendly side.


Working with Légisana is always a success, in terms of competence, human relations and personalization of requests. Their expertise in both food supplements and cosmetics is particularly noteworthy. I recommend +++


Over the course of my career, I’ve had the opportunity to call on Gilles Gernaey’s expertise on numerous occasions. Whether to provide scientific support for a specific project or to design and develop a range from A to Z, success has been achieved every time, in an industry where accuracy and precision save a lot of time.


Precise, clearly expressed advice, good responsiveness, fluid and attentive communication.


Focus on marketing your product, Legisana will work with your teams to take care of formulation, compliance with legislation and even production!
That's the peace of mind of a true full service!

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Whether you prefer an e-mail, easier for a first contact,
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